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*4 Days Tour

*Day 1 : AM: Visit Angkor Thom( The great city 827 years old), it was built from 1180-1220 AD by a the king Jayavarman VII dedicated to Buddhism. there are many temple there like as :  Bayon , Bapuon , Elephant and Leper king Terrace. After that to visit an incredible natural jungle Ta prom was built in 1186 AD by the king Jayavarman VII dedicated to buddhism. PM: visit a magnificent ancient wonder of the world , Angkor wat is the biggest Hindu temple in the would ,built by the king Suryavarman II , dedicated to Vishnu god.

*Day 2 : AM:  Visit Preah khan , the buddhism temple , built by the king Jayavarman VII (12 Century ) , Neak Pean , Ta Som , East Me Bon , Pre Rup . PM : Visit the great Hidu temple, Banteay Srey ( The Citadel of women ) , was built from 968-1001 AD by the king Rjendravarman II dedicated to Siva god .it is unique pink sandstone wich hasmost beautiful  deep caving.

*Day 3: AM : We going to see the real life of the poeple living at the floating village at Kompong Plouk or Chong Kneas ( the floating house , floating school , floating market ......) , the biggest fresh water lake in south east asia call ,Tonle sap. Rolous Group , was built in 9th century, it has been used the capital city before moved to angkor area. PM: Angor national musuem , killig field ,war musuem ,or market .

*Day4 : we going to visit Koh Ker is 100km away from siem reap.  represent of the remnants of the capital of the Khmer Empire from 928 AD - 944 AD , built by the king Jayavarman IV . It is very unique period in the age of Angkor . Prasat Thom that we call the Pyramid Temple , have 7 tiered  . There are many temple at Koh ker such as : Prasat Pram , Prasat Thom , Prasat Neang Khau , Linga at brasat Balang. PM: We going back to Beng Mealea Temple  the most beautiful sprawling and the jungle temple . it was built the same floor plan as angkor wat , built in first half of 12th century by the king Suryavarman II . it is more jungles.


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