Ta Prom Temple

Ta Prom temple was built in 1186 AD by the king Jayavarman VII( Buddhism temple ) . Ta Prom was a Buddhist temple dedicated to the mother of the king Jayavarman VII . It has been swallowed by incredible natural jungle . Ta Prom is the unique , other worldly experience . Ta prom is a temple of towers , closed narrow corridors and couryards . Almost 80,000 poeple were required to a maintain at the temple , 615 dancers , and more than 2700 officials . Many of the corridors are impassable ,clogged jumbled piles of delicately carved stone blocks dislodgedby the roots of long -decayed tree.The most popularof many strangulating root formations is inside of the easternmost gopura ( entrance pavilion ) of the central enclosure , nicknamed the crocodile tree . The outer wall measures 500m by 700m .  One of the most famous spots in Ta prom is the so-called TOMB RAIDERTREE ,where ANGELINE JOLIE'S LARA CROFT pickeda jasmine flower before falling through the earth into ....pinewood studios.

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