Floating Village

The Floating Village

* Kompong Pluk : The houses are built on stilts of about 6m-8m high , it 's almost bamboo skyscapers. The village is close to the flooded forest , it flooded every year when the lake rises to take the mekong's overflow . Most of the poeple live in the are fishing . After visited the village we can see ,the largest fresh water lake in southeast asia . This great lake exists an ecological anomaly . In early june, it start the rainy season , the water level of the Mekong River rises to devert part of its flow off its course to the south China Sea.


*Kompong Kleang : It is one of the largest communitieson the Tonle Sap lake .There are many houses more than other village , it was built on stilts to allow for dramatic change in water level . The house is 6 meters-8 meters high. It looks like it's straight out of a film set . After visited the village we can continue to the fresh water lake Tonle Sap that conect from the Mekong River . 


*Chong Kneas :  The floating is near Phnom Krom , 15km from siem reap . It is the famous floating village and very popular with the visitors who want visit beside the temple . The visitors should visit in the morning , that you can see the real life of the poeple living at the floating village . The house can moves depending on the season ( The visitors can see : the floating house , floating market , floating school , the floating forest in the rainy season ), after the floating village we can go out to the great fresh water lake .

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