Bayon temple

Bayon Temple

Bayon is inside Angkor Thom city ( the great city , 827 years old ), it was built from 1180-1220 AD by the great king Jayanarman VII dedicated to buddhism . A collection of 54 towers decorated with 216 smiling  face of Avalokiteshvara resemble to the great king Jayavarman VII . These huge heads glare down from every angle , exuding power and control with a hint of humanity . Somebody said that the khmer empire was divided into 54 provinces during that time of Bayon's construction , hence  all seeing eyes of the king Jayavarman VII or Avalokiteshvara who keep watching on the kingdom's outlying subjects. The tourism should visit bayon early in the morning  ,just only after sunrise , when the sun inches upwards lighting face to face . it also very good time in the late afternoon .

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